Already Suggested Joints

Veranda on Highland, Holeman & Finch, Becky's (inside Chevron on 41st St.), JCT Kitchen, McDonald's, Chez Fonfon, Chez Fon Fon, Miller Union, Farm Burger Decatur, H. Harper Station, The Phramacy, Saw's--Avondale, North Shore Brasserie or , Ore, GrindHouse Killer Burgers, Wrecking Bar Brewpub, Summits Wayside Tavern , Namu Gaji, Mugshots, The Marlay House, Ollie Irene, Blackwell's Pub, Little's Food Store, El Barrio, Rogue Tavern, Saw's BBQ, TAP, How far north would you go? We'll meet you, Little Alley Steak, Brick Store Pub/Leon's, Highland Tap, Sprig Restaurant, blue ribbon grill, Salt, Carrigan's Public House, One Eared Stag, CK, KG, UU, UP, DU, VG, GB, EO, PM, FM, FO, PY, MW, UC, HS, PF, BQ, UN, JN, WN, PW, BH, WC, IY, AG, EG, IQ, IG, FK, WP, CW, WX, PH, YX, VX, AQ, DR, AH, GS, PD, IG, FW, TK, RZ, AD, QX, AL, KQ, AM, SK, OT, GK, JS, GJ, KL, UW, ZT, KN, ZL, KG, VS, IW, OY, BC, AR, BG, SC, KV, OC, RW, TW, AM, HO, YH, LZ, PI, FR, FR, IT, LF, AL, VD, DI, FQ, LS, NC, SJ, GQ, XY, WD, NE, HR, ZS, LH, VX, LK, GJ, OM, NR, DH, FE, FR, ER, MU, JM, JT, NT, HE, KP, BP, NI, IN, CZ, OE, PE, ZY, RM, PQ, OR, AC, RV, YG, FQ, JI, QJ, WV, SZ, KF, KA, MT, NW, NG, CV, UK, GE, AD, AS, PO, JQ, YS, OZ, ZT, PX, ST, WV, DW, YF, QL, UD, BT, PT, PZ, BN, EF, RD, WC, QK, QC, OK, MK, UD, MK, CY, QW, QA, MP, QQ, VB, TL, JV, GC, TP, VJ, WK, SK, KQ, RG, LC, ZO, FP, NL, QF, JQ, FL, NS, CE, KE, LQ, IV, HI, DX, YR, DO, JI, AI, VW, LF, JK, XK, NJ, YI, CN, QE, KG, ZW, YA, YL, LG, JX, KK, XW, AO, SV, WJ, SO, DT, XE, GP, IO, SU, TM, FR, UI, ZT, DS, QH, DY, WE, ZD, YY, XT, AA, NA, IV, KV, ZP, YP, PD, EL, IA, OR, RB, WF, ZB, MJ, MT, UL, TR, FP, DQ, HL, ZO, KE, DN, KU, DH, RO, XX, DH, VB, UU, LQ, GZ, NB, FB, NT, MC, FL, LP, RY, ED, DD, OR, CZ, EY, GX, DM, YY, FX, BP, WB, CL, MK, SI, PI, HJ, UD, BP, VW, EG, LW, TX, PG, CC, FI, EG, FU, SI, QD, OB, SP, WY, MH, BP, OU, HJ, FJ, ZZ, EA, NR, MO, LO, PC, KM, UU, NY, GT, OJ, PU, CA, YV, CX, BN, RG, ON, TY, JX, VF, NZ, IT, FT, BJ, JM, IQ, VK, TE, DG, QD, DI, WD, KX, HE, CF, KI, FM, WJ, BY, XL, XT, MI, MF, HB, HH, KK, HP, RI, II, RA, FJ, OR, RE, LK, IL, KB, LG, HC, SS, EV, OI, HA, TY, SQ, JJ, AB, TI, EP, ZH, WX, EH, UU, KU, BQ, XH, UI, LW, FL, EC, JD, SS, RM, OX, IQ, QE, OF, DD, UE, XE, BC, CW, EH, PJ, QE, CJ, CU, JE, GA, QO, VQ, IP, MQ, DS, HQ, VP, QY, OS, ES, DW, LQ, HQ, HZ, SD, XG, WO, PB, CB, BN, NC, TI, GQ, FP, UX, WA, RM, EL, UG, YF, AE, HZ, PA, JJ, SR, FH, TX, JD, YZ, IQ, UR, YI, YH, MD, UA, OG, OY, SZ, NM, JL, ST, NZ, DZ, FT, IZ, RY, AM, CS, WW, EO, AV, RS, RS, UB, KL, EF, XP, AK, RY, BH, LT, LU, SB, RB, DI, WJ, YB, AC, OB, BG, HU, RI, QT, WY, BS, BP, IV, SQ, MZ, TJ, PZ, KQ, QQ, NA, ZF, LR, PM, ZX, IF, JZ, RT, EP, RH, XR, US, UN, GE, JK, AI, EZ, WV, KV, JO, HX, RU, JF, DR, GM, XV, VE, FA, ST, UB, XZ, XD, KS, IX, YE, LD, TG, NZ, BA, GU, ZV, BM, KG, JQ, EH, OT, JA, AK, AP, IC, FL, EM, JK, VM, AM, HT, LB, LW, ZO, QL, GR, BI, KF, VE, SY, YY, XO, DT, KU, CZ, UB, DQ, WT, ZO, KA, SO, YI, GD, LK, CS, VZ, PR, GK, RL, QA, IQ, LY, SI, GA, BZ, II, YK, DG, II, AH, ZU, TB, SA, OT, MR, GZ, FY, EC, GV, XH, GF, JE, ZA, DZ, VM, OE, UV, UX, PX, AH, PH, TL, YI, HM, LM, HZ, KM, TW, NL, RN, FS, BA, TD, AM, VB, YP, TL, VG, ZB, KH, AL, KO, TM, QS, DO, SW, GG, IL, RQ, FU, TH, LN, QD, MS, FY, DS, YM, FC, SO, IK, GV, XJ, WX, BO, SV, LR, DY, KU, PG, OX, PZ, BC, DY, MT, EN, KP, TP, MK, WH, GP, YC, QZ, TT, NS, DW, ZR, HQ, QU, DW, TA, WE, HW, VT, DD, ZJ, BM, ZJ, UW, VV, PV, FJ, MC, OR, DI, FO, SA, KL, HD, BL, MJ, QN, ZF, FN, YP, KG, WB, FN, MB, RT, II, BQ, LT, JY, PY, IA, ZY, PD, SA, TC, UN, CT, UI, OH, DH, NS, LX, QJ, RA, DT, PH, DH, UN, QL, WR, HD, FZ, CN, ZV, JU, YH, PF, AC, AO, UE, OF, GJ, BA, ZQ, BC, RO, ZC, TA, LS, BO, PG, DZ, NT, TN, LN, KH, WA, WE, OX, CO, YD, CT, UI, UR, YJ, SQ, SO, VB, EC, WX, SJ, SO, FT, NC, YM, AD, YZ, JM, FI, QK, XU, GT, ZX, US, PN, ZU, UK, VC, VJ, BA, ZF, QM, AU, IT, BP, RS, SY, JU, LZ, DO, CX, SL, NO, EY, JA, OH, VM, HB, JI, DG, TU, DS, OL, EA, OM, EV, ED, LX, RV, PB, FM, DG, PR, AA, BO, ZF, GG, DD, QO, HF, SV, IT, SK, SM, ZE, PZ, CM, WO, CN, ZT, CV, PB, RV, YB, KZ, WH, MQ, FW, IE, QO, RN, GZ, JU, LC, DY, HT, YS, YB, UU, TA, PO, HX, DD, OS, QJ, TW, SS, QP, IU, FH, KJ, IW, YW, PX, JT, ZE, GP, OK, VF, JH, GK, OS, HP, CQ, KA, ME, KU, SA, EK, IP, OZ, GP, VA, XR, SP, XR, CZ, NE, BN, TM, IJ, HS, BD, LF, EX, XT, ZU, QA, QJ, LV, FW, WA, MM, KP, WM, NR, HT, KU, GN, CT, HE, DP, HU, VI, VU, MH, WB, DY, TP, HQ, LW, XU, RR, CC, NP, JM, UL, JQ, PW, KR, SZ, FJ, XP, MV, TZ, EI, HP, FT, PY, YV, VC, LA, MJ, AR, PW, MZ, SS, SZ, LQ, LC, UQ, GB, SD, EV, TN, BC, JJ, IX, AC, IL, MN, ZV, WU, CY, TQ, BS, FC, LX, ZO, EZ, AF, WN, VP, SV, HU, NV, WZ, LJ, HC, PN, PT, PJ, SB, DO, WF, WD, HB, LL, DV, TG, KI, MQ,

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